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Writer's Block: Ten for the Tenth

Some people spend their whole lives preparing the answer to this question: What albums are on your personal all-time Top 10 list?

this is not in any sort of order.

1. the specials - the specials
2. pigface - easy listening for difficult fuckheads
3. girl talk - feed the animals
4. amy winehouse - back to black (special edition with the extras)
5. joy division - closer, or the best of
6. nikolai rimsy-korsakov - scheherezade & cappricio espagnol
7. AFI - all hallows EP
8. chemlab - east side militia
9. tiger army - tiger army (I)
10. M.I.A. - arular

a few albums that are not on the list, only because i haven't had them long enough to put them into my "forever" rotation:
M.I.A. - kala
seabound - double crosser
bodyrox feat. luciana - yeah yeah (vocal mix) as a single
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