D: (24_frames) wrote,

return of the blog

i logged in expecting it to have been a lot longer since i posted last. not too bad. then i remembered that it's day/month/year and not month/day/year, and that it's been 7 months. i guess that is kind of bad.

life is pretty decent. some of my coworkers have become total d-bags. we hired this cunt who's out to get us all fired, because she's the worst employee at the station. (clarification: i'm talking about WHCS here, NOT WVEC. i didn't really proof read this, and i could understand how it would be misconstrued.)

i might be moving to the night shift which would be awesome in these aspects:

1 90% of the crew is competent
2 only one of them is a douche
3 looks better on my resume
4 i can sleep past 3am
5 i can sleep past 3am. i know it's here twice, but this is really the biggest pro.

the only con is that i might have to work weekends, and i'm going to see if i can get around that.

i moved in with bill. we haven't killed each other yet, actually it's been going really well. our apartment fucking rocksssss. old ghent building, limited space that was remedied by a big ikea trip, low electricity bills every month, and i have to fill up my gas tank about once every 3 weeks. if i switch to nights, i'll be able to ride my bike to work most days, so let's add that to the pros.

i called out sick to work this morning so i could go to the android lust show last night (incredible music, even though they were a bunch of assholes) and monster fest this morning, so i'm pretty beat. i'll have to vent about morgueasm later. sorry if anyone reading this is buddies with them, but musically they suck a bag of dicks. and their vocalist needs to learn how to get an audience going instead of insulting and irritating them. i'll go over it in a much bigger entry later on. hopefully not 7 months from now.
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